Heimatkunde: Refuge - Migration - Integration in Brandenburg

Welcome at Heimatkunde Brandenburg! On this page you will find contemporary as well as historical examples of immigration in Brandenburg. Migration with all its causes and facets is not a new phenomenon of the recent past. Quite the contrary: Brandenburg always has been a region of people coming in. Our 'migration stories' start in the 16th century and end in 2018 Brandenburg: short clips are showing the different aspects of recent migration. Our project has an integrative character as the films were created in collaboration with young refugees - out of whom one was also behind the camera.

New Stories

Syrian trainees in Brandenburg

The integration into the German labour market is the most important aspect of succesful integration… Mehr Erfahren

Community interpreting service

Language barriers are the most prominent hurdles for the integration of newcomers who often do… Mehr Erfahren

‘Resettlers’ and new beginnings 1945

WW II ended with the victory of the allies over Nazi Germany. The country was… Mehr Erfahren

Refuge – then and now

The traveling exhibition ‘Refuge then and now’ shows what displaced persons after World War II… Mehr Erfahren

Salzburger in East Prussia in the 18th century

Like the huguenots in the 17th century, the Salzburger immigrants are a famous example for… Mehr Erfahren

Huguenots in Brandenburg in the 17th century

Mehr Erfahren

Migration in Brandenburg – a historical overview

Migration with all its causes and facettes is not a recent phenomenon: Brandenburg is a… Mehr Erfahren

Voluntary Year in Brandenburg

Dijwar is a volunteer on a heritage protected estate in Heiligengrabe, Brandenburg. Aside from preservation… Mehr Erfahren

Berlin in the 19th century

Brandenburg’s history remains incomplete without Berlin. Over centuries, the city was the center of the… Mehr Erfahren