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Dr. Lisa Barthelmes, Cultural Anthropologist

Scientific curator and project leader of 'Heimatkunde'

Lisa did her PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Anthropology about work migration in Vietnam.

She also works as an intercultural trainer and supports girls and young women in Berlin-Neukölln in vocational orientation.


Abdulsalam Ajaj, Photographer

born in Damascus, in Germany since 2015.

Abdulsalam started recording light in 2013 doing fine art photography and digital editing, in 2016 he started with cinematography.

Abdulsalam was responsible for all filming and photography of the project 'Heimatkunde'.

He lives in Berlin-Neukölln and wants to study film.

Ali Nanah, Translator

Ali has been working as an Arabic translator and interpreter for more than 2 years. with experience in working with NGOs, Governmental agencies and private parties as well.

For 'Heimatkunde' Ali translates Arabic-German-English.

Ali is currently studying 'Economics, Politics and Social Theory' at Bard College Berlin.


Kirsten Foemmel, scientific staff member

digital strategy of the House of Brandenburg-Prussian history.

Planning of the Website


Fares Khaznadar, M.A. in philosophy

studied Philosophy in Latakia, Syria.

For 'Heimatkunde' Fares is in charge of the Instragram account and administrative support.

He lives in Potsdam and is part of the 'Heimatsound' choire. Fares would like to teach Philosophy at the university again or study social work.


Peter Langen, historian and curator

Peter Langen is working for the House of Brandenburg-Prussian History, the German Historical Museum in Berlin, the Wartburg-Foundation Eisenach and the museum association of the county Elbe-Elster. Since 2016 he has been working as a scientific research associate at the Humboldt Forum foundation at the Berlin castle. Since 2018 he is curating the new permanent exhibition in the museum Schloss Doberlug.

Peter ist der Autor der historischen Beiträge des Projekts "Heimatkunde"