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Community interpreting service

Language barriers are the most prominent hurdles for the integration of newcomers who often do not understand bureaucratic and technical terms. To overcome these obstacles, the Counselling Service for Migration, Integration, and Tolerance Brandenburg initiated the project "Community Interpreting Service". The qualification program is aimed at migrants that are trained in intensive language classes and can then be booked as interpreters.

We were able to get an insight into the work of those interpreters at the Intercultural Family Health Day 2017 in Potsdam: The represented languages were Perisan, Arabic, French, and Russian. Have a look!


Further Informationen

The community interpreters can be booked for private or public events and institutions.  The Counseling service for migration, integration, and toleranz (FaZIT Brandenburg) is arranging the service.  Here is the link to the German homepage of FaZIT Brandenburg


Project Coordinator Community Interpreting Service Brandenburg

Frau Juliane Mucker
Tel: 0331 9676253