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When in Trebbin

Hisbolluh (left) and Taj (right) making waffles

We imagined our visit in the living units for unaccompanied minor refugees in Trebbin a bit differently: But now we are here, at the Trebbin christmas market and are making waffles with Hisbolluh and Taj, both from Afghanistan. The Evangelical Youth Foundation owns two living units here in Trebbin, in which mostly minor male refugees live.

We are greeted warmly and immediately warned: Today the group is going to the christmas market. Since the Trebbin residents are rather sceptical towards their new neighbours, the social workers want to initiate mutual contact by selling waffles at the christmas market.

First, Salam shots a few pictures of the boys for our story. Then we are driving with one of the social workers to the market. Nobody of the guys is really into it. Christmas is rather unfamiliar to them - plus they are expected to bake. Taj says "I am not doing that!"

There is a lot going on at the Christmas market, we stand out with our group of boys, among them two from Cameroon. The waffle stall is set up in the back of a tent. The social worker says "Not a good spot, but better than nothing".

We eat a few waffles, talk to each other, look around. The christmas decorations and rituals like mulled wine and ginger bread - everything is new to the guys. Maurice from Cameroon says "It's beautiful, just too cold"

Finally Hisbolluh motivates Taj to make some waffles, and after a few trials, they are really into it: "I didn't think that I will be cooking one day", says Taj.